Rental Management System

Rental Management System


URent is an on-line equipment rental management system. It consists of 7 modules for a complete rental management solution, it offers the advantage of being a multi-language system, with different ways to customize it that define it as a user-friendly system.

Even though URent comes as a pre-packaged software solution, it can also be customized to your business needs; we are able to add, remove, or change features to offer you, not only a complete rental management solution, but also one that is 100% tailored to your needs.

URent is a complete equipment rental management software, that proves efficient when managing specialized rental industries such as the following:

  • Aerial Equipment
  • Audio Visual
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Medical Equipment
  • Party & Events
  • Portable Buildings
  • Portable Sanitation
  • Portable Storage
  • Tools
  • Etc.


The modules available in this release of URent are the following:


The work orders will be managed by the system as a project, which must contain at least one job, a project can have an unlimited number of jobs at a time. This module is responsible for managing jobs from start to finish in all of its phases. These phases are: cost estimation, proposal, project, confirmation, resource assignment, exit from warehouse, entry to warehouse, and billing.


This module is in charge of handling accounts receivable, creation of invoices and following up on the accounts until payment is made.


This module is in charge of managing the inventory of all your items, device control, item availability, and detailed information on each item, for example: weight, dimensions, technical specifications etc.


This module is in charge of managing sales, the system handles a sale inventory, which is used for the creation of sales orders and a follows up of each of the orders until they have been closed.


In this module, you will be able to manage your purchases, create purchase orders, and follow up on each of the orders until they have been closed.


This module is in charge of following up on a regular maintenance of the items on the repairs that have to be dome.It generates repair orders and it programs the maintenance as well. It also handles the cost of repairs and maintenance. The module keeps track and has a complete record of each time each item has been repaired, as well as how much it has been invested in maintenance and repairs for this item.


The Business Information Center is the business intelligence module, which offers key statistics that aid in the daily management and decision taking of the business. Its main function is to detect, extract, and analyze business information, such as sales revenue and cost. It also provides a historical, up to date, and predictive view of the commercial operations.

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