Point of Sale System

Point of Sale System



At KreaPOS, we understand how important Point of Sales Systems are for your business, and that is why we work hard in becoming the best in the market. KreaPOS is not a basic point of sale it comes in a variety of different POS software. KreaPOS has Retail Software, Restaurant Software, Grocery Store Software, Beauty Salon Software, Billiard Software, Membership Club Software, Gift Card Software, online eCommerce store integration, an integrated inventory management software, and integrated Payment Processing Software.


Retail Software

Whether you manage a specialty boutique or a mid-sized retail store with large chains our Retail KreaPOS software programs are designed to suit all your business’ needs. View and manage every function of your business more effectively, such as:

• Point-of-Sale Operations
• Inventory Management
• Cost, Pricing, and Sale Control
• Employee Control

Hospitality Software

As a competitor in the restaurant industry, we know that superb customer service is a crucial ingredient for your business’s success.

That’s why we’ve developed easy-to-use and intuitive POS programs; allowing your server extra time to enhance your customer’s dining experience.

Our Hospitality program supports:

• Table Control
• Fast Food Operations
• Delivery Management

Beauty Salon Software

Enhance the quality of service offered by your business by improving your staff’s performance and functionality. Keep customers coming back with our user-friendly and reliable POS programs. Using KreaPOS will grant your employee more time to better focus on the customer’s needs.

View and manage your business’ functions:

• Sales activities
• Customer History
• Appointment Calendar

Mini Market Software

As a reseller of consumer products, we understand that your business needs differ from those of the retail or hospitality market. That’s why KreaPOS has developed multifunctional software solutions geared toward the mini-market industry.

Take control over your:

• Point-of-Sale Operations
• Inventory Management
• WIK and food stamp transactions

Billiard Software

Whether you manage a single pool hall or an upscale billiard parlor, our KreaPOS Billiard software programs are designed to suit all your business needs.

Our business solution allows you to view and manage your billiard’s:

• Table Time Lapse
• Lunch and Happy Hour Pricing
• Employee Activities

Membership Club Software

Our KreaPOS Membership Club software programs are a line of intuitive and reliable POS software solutions that can facilitate the management of your membership based organization.

Begin to maintain information in an orderly and easy-to-use fashion with the use of our POS software, which allows you to:

• Check-In Members
• Sell and Manage Products
• Schedule Appointments

Find out more about KreaPOS’ products here.

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