IT Resource Outsourcing

IT Resource Outsourcing
IT & Software Development Resources
Outsource your personnel needs to us, we offer IT resources in a variety of fields: Development, Database Management, Analysis, Project Management, etc.
This service consists in the outsourcing of qualified IT human resource to help you achieve the necessary activities in your software development or any other IT related projects. Among the resources that we offer, we have the following:
  • Software Developers (Java, .NET, PHP, etc.)
  • Software Arquitects
  • Database Administrators (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc.)
  • Project Managers
  • System Analists
  • Testing Managers
  • Testing Analysts
  • Testers
  • Etc.

As opposed to our Software Factory service, IT Resource Outsourcing allows you have total control over the resource’s time and scope of work; while working on-site at your premises. This gives you full flexibility when it comes to getting your activities done. We will take care of the administrative overhead (vacation time, sick days, payroll processing, etc.), while you focus on completing your most important IT projects on time.

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